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Part 142 transition



The Significance of a Part 142 Flying School


Students training towards a CPL Course on the Integrated 150 hour syllabus should be aware that there is an impending regulatory change that could significantly impact on the cost of your training.

On September 1st 2018, many schools will lose the ability to continue delivering this course. By that date, Flying Schools will have to have completed a Transition to a Part 141 or Part 142 School.  The 141 school will only be able to continue delivering the 200 hour CPL as there is *’no teach-out’ clause.

This means that if you commence with a Part 141 flight school on an Integrated course, this course will revert to the more expensive non-integreted 200 hour course in September this year.  You will not be able to continue on the Integrated course after September 1st 2018.  CASA has assured the industry there will be no further extensions and the 141/142 changeover will occur September 1st.

The higher level Part 142 Schools will have exclusive access to the Integrated 150 hour syllabus. To date, less than 10% schools have successfully transitioned to a Part 142 Organisation.

Melbourne Flight Training is one of those schools that has successfully transitioned to Part 142. Your continued training is assured under the 150 Hour Integrated Course. To students considering commencing training and anticipate their training going after September 1st 2018 they should ensure that their flight training provider has that 142 Approval.

 * ‘No teach-out’ clause simply means if you start an Integrated Course with a flying school who does NOT transition to a Part 142 Flight Training Organisation on 1st September 2018, then you cannot continue with the Integrated Course, it now (on September 1st) reverts to the more expensive 200 hour syllabus.


Worldwide recognition
The Australian MEIR/CPL is very well recognised worldwide. MFT’s training is ICAO Compliant, further MFT now has the highest accreditation in Australia being one of the very few of 350 flying schools in the country to be accredited as a Part 142 Flight Training organisation. Regarding other accreditation, the best place to check would be with your own aviation authority.
You would still need to do the conversion exams & any additional requirements in the country you want to convert your licence to. The same would apply if you came to Australia with an overseas licence.
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