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Interested in:
Gaining some flying hours before your Cathay Dragon interview?
Some real flying experience in Melbourne, Australia?
Or would you like to gain your Pilot’s Licence?

You can have a meeting with Glen Buckley, CEO of Melbourne Flight Training to discuss these options!

Glen will be in Hong Kong – 6 & 7 October – scheduling meetings from 10am (every 30 mins) on both days for a free, no obligation meeting where you can discuss:

  • Your career options
  • Consider our flight experience Short Course program of 5, 10 or more hours piloting an aircraft, or
  • Achieving your Pilot Licence
  • MFT can assist you with you having a Study VISA where you can study Full Time for 12 months or more to achieve your Commercial Licence with an Instrument Rating (Advanced Course)

Your flight training hours will be instructional flying on a *CASA recognised syllabus of flight training which will be recognised if you wish to complete your Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) or if you just want 5 or 10 hours, the amount is really up to you!

*CASA – Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia’s government aviation regulator)


Glen Buckley

Chief Executive Officer


Glen Buckley

Chief Executive Officer

Glen operates as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Melbourne Flight Training. He has been flying for over 25 years throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands. He is a Grade 1 Multi Engine IFR Instructor.

We Train all types of pilots

  • Beginners
  • Overseas students
  • Hobbyists
  • Higher flight education
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  • “I did some upgrade work at MFT at Moorabbin and can’t recommend them enough. Very helpful and accommodating staff from the top down, really good bunch of blokes I found and have recently done some recurrent training there as well”

    Private: Happy Client

  • I moved to Melbourne from Sydney in December 2008. I had 220 hours and a brand new instructor rating. After getting ignored by all other schools at Moorabbin, Glen Buckley gave me a warm welcoming handshake, made me a cup of coffee, sat down with me and gave me some of his time. He didn’t […]

    Charles Hessmann

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