MFT Location

Where is Melbourne Flight Training located?

What are Melbourne Flight Training’s opening hours?

Is Melbourne Flight Training open Public Holidays?

What Public Transport is available?

Is there recreational facilities to use?

What shopping facilities are nearby?


When do your courses start?

Where do we do the flying?

What percentage of the course will I be actually flying?

Are the training courses fully integrated?

Will I get a frozen ATPL on completion of my training

How long will it take to learn to fly?

Is it possible to complete two RPL lessons in one day?

Flight tests have a Test Fee associated with them, what is this?

Can I opt-out of the lessons I don’t want to do?

What is Melbourne Flight Training’s pass rate?

Theory questions

What theory subjects will I study?

Does Melbourne Flight Training run theory courses?

Will my Flight instructor teach me all of the theory subjects?

Short Courses Introductory Packages

I’ve heard of a Trial Introductory Flight, what is this?

I just want to do 1 or 2 lessons to see if I like flying, can I do this without committing to the whole course?

Do the hours I fly in a trial or introductory flights count towards my licence if I decide to continue?

Is it possible to complete two RPL lessons in one day?

Our fleet of aircraft

What sort of aircraft does MFT use?

Can I hire an aircraft for my personal use?

How old are the aircraft?

Do I have to maintain or repair the aircraft?

How fast do the aircraft go?

How do I learn to fly a variety of aircraft?

Pilot Licences

Does MFT train to ATPL?

I have an Overseas ATPL to convert to an Australian ATPL?

Can an RAA student join an integrated 150 hour CPL?

What is a Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)?

What is a Private Pilots Licence (PPL)?

What is a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)?

What age do I have to be to get a Pilot Licence?

How long does it take to obtain a licence?

Is there a minimum number of hours required to get a licence?

Are there any limitations about when or where I can fly?

Ratings and Endorsements

What is a Rating?

What is an Endorsement?

I have obtained a licence in one type of single engine aeroplane. Can I fly another type?

The cost of flying

Does MFT provide VET Fee Help?

How much does it cost to learn to fly?

How and when do we pay for the course or lessons?

Can I pay for my flying using a credit card?

Are there any “up front” payments required?

Can I pay in advance?

What currency can I use to pay for my lessons?

How long will it take to learn to fly?

For Solo Flights, are there any additional charges i.e. briefing?

Is it possible to complete two RPL lessons in one day?

Team of Flight Instructors

Is my Flight Instructor qualified?

How does my Flight Instructor stay up-to-date?

How much experience does my Flight Instructor have?

Does it matter if my Flight Instructor wants to be an Airline Pilot?

International Student enquiries

I am from an overseas country, can I learn to fly at Melbourne Flight Training?

I am an International Student, will I require a Student Visa?

What currency can I use to pay for my lessons?

Where can I live?

I am in Australia on a Tourist Visa and want to join your school on a Student Visa?

Do I have to become an Australian citizen?

Can I go to my home country for holidays?

My native language is not English, does it matter?

Do you offer Flight Instructor Rating Courses to International Students?

Do you offer Flight Instructor jobs to International Students?

other overseas enquiries

I am an overseas students, what age can I come to MFT?

Do I have to pay the overseas application fee if I am here on a tourist visa?

After training do you provide interviews with Airlines?

Is the Australian Pilot Licence recognised worldwide?

Are Australian qualifications recognised overseas?

Can I convert a foreign license to an Australian licence?

Can I work in Australia once I complete my training?

Other questions you might have

Can I study part time or do I need to study full time?

I heard MFT was a Part 142 Organisation, what does that mean?

I’m an Australian student and I have heard about Airline Cadet Programs

What will happen to my training after the new rules on September 1st 2018?

How long does it take to become an Airline Pilot?

When is the best time to commence flying training?

Can I carry passengers during my flying lessons?

I have commenced flying with another school, but I’m not happy with them, can I transfer to Melbourne Flight Training?

Do many women learn to fly?

What are the entrance requirements to enrol at MFT for Pilot Training?

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