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Can I work in Australia once I complete my training?

Pilots undertaking training in Australia should be aware that the Australian Government has very strict criteria when deciding to allow pilots to work on completion of their training.

Firstly, the Australian Government may permit you to work in Australia, however they will stipulate that you must be paid a minimum salary that exceeds $50,000 per annum. Typically, Australian Pilots starting out in the industry will earn well below that figure. It is highly unlikely that an Australian Employer will take on the risk of sponsoring someone from overseas on approximately twice the salary they would have to pay an Australian pilot, and particularly when there is a surplus of Australian Pilots. For all practical purposes it is unlikely this type of visa would suit.

The Australian Government does have a “working holiday visa” available to several countries that I have listed below. This will permit Overseas residents to undertake work while in Australia. This visa is a Visa subclass 417 and information can be found on the border.gov.au website. We are a Training provider of flight training and can assist with Student Visas but cannot assist in your application for a Working Visa. That must be the responsibility of the candidate.

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