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Recreational Pilots Licence(RPL)

Our courses commence on a basis of rolling starts. This simply means that courses can commence at any time. The nature of our flight training organisation is that it is done on a one to one basis for…

Private Pilot licence(PPL)

The Private Pilot Licence is the next stage after the RPL.  To hold the RPL you need to be 16 years of age, and to hold the PPL you need to be 17 years of age.  All of…

Commercial Pilot licence(CPL)

Many of our customers join us wanting to continue on and make a career as an Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor, Testing Officer etc. These candidates will continue on with their training. That training will require a total of…

Night Visual Flight Rules Rating(NVFR)

The Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR) allows a pilot with a Private Licence or above to fly anywhere in Australian airspace at night under the Visual Flight Rules. This is a handy add-on to your licence if…

Instrument Rating(IR)

The Multi Engine Aeroplane Instrument Rating (MEA-IR) allows you to fly in cloud during the day or night. The rating takes a minimum of 40 hours. This is made up of approximately 20 hours on the flight simulator…

Flight Instructor Rating(FIR)
Next Course 2 JULY 2018

Become a Flight Instructor! Join the MFT Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) Course with Grade 3A Training Endorsement The Melbourne Flight Training Flight Instructor Rating Course (including Grade 3A Training Endorsement) offers candidates an intensive full time 12 week…

We Train all types of pilots

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  • Hobbyists
  • Higher flight education
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And what they say about MFT:

“I did some upgrade work at MFT at Moorabbin and can’t recommend them enough. Very helpful and accommodating staff from the top down, really good bunch of blokes I found and have recently done some recurrent training there as well”

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